The Complete Seymour

Here you will find audio files linguist Anthony 'Tony' Mattina made available to the Colville Confederated Tribes regarding his upcoming book, The Complete Seymour. The book is based on 1960s interviews with tribal elder Peter J. Seymour in Inchelium, Washington.
"The first 10 stories are autobiography," Mattina said in an Oct. 24, 2013 meeting with the Colville Business Council. He also included captíkʷɬ or Coyote Stories.

Mattina was introduced to Seymour through Nellie Toulou in the late 1960s and began interviewing him. The interviews resurfaced recently as Mattina told the CBC of his intent to have a book published in honor of Seymour, a fluent speaker of nsəlxcín.

"I really want to thank you, Tony," Colville Business Councilwoman Stevey Seymour said. "It touches me (as a Business Council member and relative). This is huge for us."

At right, Tony Mattina discusses The Complete Seymour with the Colville Business Council in 2013, with Aaron Carden at his right. Below, Pete Seymour is seen with his parents.